Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 174 - 1997

The Proterozoic Thule Supergroup, Greenland and Canada: history, lithostratigraphy and development

Peter R. Dawes

Cover Photo

The middle Proterozoic (Neohelikian) Nares Strait Group on the east side of Kissel Gletscher, Northumberland Ø, Greenland. The succession is dominated by shallow water siliciclastic strata with one main basaltic interval containing effusive, hypabyssal and pyroclastic rocks (Cape Combermere Formation, in centre). This succession represents the early fill of the central part of the Thule Basin. The initial recognition that the central basin straddled Nares Strait was based on the correlation of this succession with that at Clarence Head on the south-eastern coast of Ellesmere Island, Canada. The highest ice-capped summit is just below 1000 m a.s.l.; the sea is visible to the left.