SEM Laboratory

The SEM Laboratory analyses geological samples by means of user-controlled and automated scanning electron microscope (SEM). The microscope is able to generate images of polished rock sections as well as to display the topography and structure of crystals and rock-fragments like sandstones.

GEUS has acquired a ZEISS Sigma 300VP Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, and we can now offer to make automated mineralogy analyses on entire thin sections or polished mounts relevant for mining and exploration as well as investigations of reservoirs (oil & gas and geothermal energy).

The new instrument was installed in the autumn of 2017. The instrument is equipped with 2 Bruker Xflash 6|30 129 eV EDS detectors, an Bruker e-FlashFS EBSD detector, a 185-850 nm Light-Guide Cathodoluminescence detector, and it is able to work under variable pressure conditions, with high vacuum condition of 3.25 x 10-4 Pa and low vacuum conditions between 2-133 Pa.

The Scanning Electron Microscope contains the Mineralogic software platform for mining and reservoir rocks. With this software, are able to perform automated mineralogy on entire thin sections, polished mounts (e.g. drill cores, heavy mineral separates, cuttings samples) or parts thereof.