Sample Preparation Laboratory

The sample preparation laboratory carries out preparation of various types of natural and synthetic samples for subsequent analysis or material processing. The laboratory hosts all facilities necessary for cutting, crushing, pulverizing, powdering, sieving and for separating particular minerals from rocks and hard synthetic materials. The products of these processes usually enjoy further analysis in one or more of our laboratories.

Rock, mineral, soil, organic and aqueous samples are prepared on a routine basis for in-house chemical analysis by mass spectrometry (e.g. laser ablation ICPMS or solution ICP-MS analysis, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or electron microprobe (EMP) analysis at IGN, Univ. Copenhagen, optical microscopy and also for external analysis purposes. For more information about using these facilities please contact the personnel in charge.

We aim to keep our equipment and procedures as efficient and flexible as possible to offer competent, supple and rapid solutions for sample preparation that fit both routine and special requirements. Most of our sample preparation methods can thus be used independently or can be combined in various ways.