Oil and gas webshop (Frisbee)

Frisbee.dk is GEUS' website for search and purchase of data concerning oil and gas exploration in Denmark

The database contains reports and data from released deep exploration and appraisal wells in Denmark. The completion report and the deviation data from a well are available for download free of charge.

Frisbee also contains report and data from released 3D surveys. Data sets from 3D surveys are sold as processings. Only data from completed processings are available, and only if GEUS has received the data.

The data available from Frisbee as per beginning of 2018 are data from the original 3D processing and only the final data, e.g. ‘final migration’ and/or ‘final stack’ are available from the database. Other data types, such as ‘raw stack’ or raw migration’ are included in the price, if they have been made and a copy has been forwarded to GEUS. These data will, together with data from re-processings be added later.

Purchases can be paid by credit card or by invoice.